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Lundy’s Lane Historical Museum

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This museum is located in the old City Hall building, in the non tourist part of Niagara Falls (at 5810 Ferry Street). It is a great place to go if you want to learn the history of Niagara Falls, at a very cheap price, usually just a few bucks. It should be noted though, that unless your child has an extreme interest in history, they will likely be quite bored here. It is not an interactive museum, and is more of a “look, don’t touch” type of place. This is a museum for adults who enjoy learning about the history of a city by reading placards, looking at photos, and viewing displays behind glass. (more…)

Journey Behind the Falls

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This attraction takes you as close as you can possibly get to the Falls without going over in a barrel. You enter the Journey Behind the Falls attraction from Table Rock Centre, a large plaza type structure on the Niagara Parkway filled with restaurants and attractions, with paid parking available across the street. The Table Rock Centre is easy enough to walk to though, and it is a pleasant walk during the summer. If you are already staying in the downtown Niagara Falls tourist area, don’t bother driving and paying to park at Table Rock Centre.


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